Your event, our catering.

Several years ago, we started Papaveri e Papere Boutique Catering with a vision to achieve the same level of quality, curated dishes that we create in our Michelin cited restaurant within a catering context. When we started this project, most of the events we catered were for faithful clients of our restaurant for whom locally sourced, innovative dishes together with choice wines were their foremost priority. We have now expanded our client base to include a discreet international clientele.


Tradition and quality.

Our restaurant is an intimate space where the farm and the table come together to serve the greater community we’ve chosen to approach catering in this same way, using a local supplier chain to bring to life traditional dishes and keeping our event teams to a close knit group of professionals that have worked together for years.


One team, one event.

Most catering companies in the region send out anywhere from 4-9 cooking teams on any given day. So the person you have your tasting with will certainly be different than the person who comes to cook for your event. Likely, the person who works your event has no stake in its success, being an employee rather than an owner. With Papaveri e Papere Boutique Catering we’ve decided to change the fundamental way catering works. From your first tasting with us, where we decide together what menu is right for you, to the actual day of the event, we are there for you, with the personal attention and care to detail that your event deserves. One chef, one team, one event – from beginning to end.  Sometimes the simple approach, particularly when it comes to food, is the better one. Our philosophy is quality over quantity. As such, we select a few clients each year to work with, to create a tailored, one of a kind experience. We hope that you can be one of them.


Your special tasting.

Allow us to suggest that you read the many independently verifiable reviews of our work that are available online, and if it pleases you, reserve a customized tasting with us. We’d love to hear from you.